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Despite its oft ridiculed Horrible Jap Crap moniker, the HJC RPHA10 is neither horrible, Japanese or crap. It is, in fact, probably the best fitting most comfortable helmet in the world, and if you struggle with the Bell's laconic fore/aft fit, you will revel in the RPHA10's inscrutable compromise between the lateral snugness of a Shoei and the exquisite all round sumptuousness of an Arai...
Basically, 20 years ago the Korean company set themselves the target of becoming the world's biggest helmet firm which they achieved over five years ago, whereupon they set themselves the much more laudable goal of becoming the world's best helmet company. So, like Bell, while Arai and to a lesser extent Shoei spent their surplus dollars going racing, HJC re-invested their cash in developing their new generation of multi-axial fibreglass/aramid lids which they deliberately aimed at the world's prior two biggest.
The RPHA10 (as worn by Ben Bostrum in GP of course) is a remarkable achievement. Never before has there been a helmet which so universally seems to accomodate everyone's nodular idiosyncracies, whether too pronounced a forehead, too long a chin, too big-a-set-of ears etc., It just fits everyone exquisitely. Add this to the positive cam opening pin-lock ready, tear-off enabled visor,  the same system of positive cam-wheel opening vents, the chin-guard, pukka breath guard and spare light smoke visor no less and you have an unbeatable bargain for £250.00. Only the Roof Diversion comes close and now that the French factory have halted full-face production while they work on their radical new integral, the HJC has virtually zero competition. The Shark may have obtained a better impact assessment but it can't compete with the RPH for quality, reliability or back-up.

Bell M1

Pardon the pun but if the Bell M1 fits you, it's a no brainer. There is not a single, solitary competitor in the sub £200 full face category of this quality of finish, quality of manufacture, and, of course exceptional impact resistance since the similarly priced Lazer Fibre Pro became extinct two years ago.
Like every single model in the Bell full face line-up, the M1 achieved a 5 star Sharp test rating....higher than Arai, Shoei or many other famous brands costing three times the price.
And the reason for this is simple; instead of basing their brand on mere marketing and race endorsement, Bell have ploughed back all their earnings into technological improvements so that not only is the Bell a better performing helmet than these other revered names but it is also lighter, too, a product of the highly advanced aramidic fibres in its composite layering.
The interior is not quite as luxury as the its twice-the-price stable-mate, the M5X Daytona, and neither is it quite as light as the signature helmet in the Bell line-up but for almost exactly half the price it is an insane bargain....and the perfect choice for those on a budget who still place safety above all else....Its next nearest competitor is the LAZER D1, and who would wanna be seen in the back of an ambulance in something as ugly as that!!