It seems incredible that the whole idea of the motorcycle extreme video is less than a decade old and, at RPM, we were of course right at the forefront. Videos and DVDs changed the whole idiom of street riding and the limits to which modern bikes could be ridden on the road. The videos and DVDs produced by RPM in turn helped fund the race careers of those riders culminating in Shakey Byrne's British Superbike Championship win in 2003.

When Fast Bikes was sold on to SPL publishing and subsequently Future publishing in 2006, RPM continued the spirit of those original videos with programmes such as UNSEEN and CARRY on WHEELYING, and produced a quarterly publication entitled RPM which maintained the philosophy of the original 'Tell-it-like-it-is' Fast Bikes magazine, albeit with a more contemporary feel, under the motto, 'Real and Proper Motorcycling'. In other words, the new publication comprised editorial and photography that was as original as it was genuine, nothing embellished, altered or manipulated as many many magazines have been guilty of, and road tests that were conducted over thousands of miles and dozens of countries rather than a solitary trip to the local roundabout half an hour before the press deadline.

By popular demand, the VHS (if anyone still uses them!) and the DVDs are back on sale. These videos are what pioneered extreme motorcycle videos and are still some of the best ever produced