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Bell Helmets

Of all the full face helmet manufacturers it is Bell and not Arai and Shoei who can claim to be original and best.
Indeed there was a time in the late 70s/early 80s when no self respecting sports bike rider, tester, racer or even movie star would be seen in anything else and history is littered with classic images of the icons of the age such as Steve McQueen and Kenny Roberts wearng Bell helmets, both full and open face.
Unfortunately, like all products who refused to compromise quality in the face of a tide of cheap imitators, Bell went out of business in the late 80s, a place where they stayed for the best part of two decades until acquired by a historic Italian factory in the early 21st century. Fortunately, unlike most 'reborn brands' where it's the name and not the product that all the new money is subsequently invested in, Bell actually improved and bolstered quality during the following decade without forgetting the things that made them great in the first place and have further compounded their legendary reputation with a range of full-face helmets that have not only won critical acclaim from riders and journalists alike but are the only range in ITS ENTIRETY to be awarded the coveted 5 star Sharp test rating.

In other words, other manufacturers may have achieved the top rank for a solitary helmet but Bell has so far failed to achieve anything less than top marks for every single model that has so far been subjected to the test - a remarkable record.
Fabricated from aramid fibreglass or pure hand-layered carbon (not to be confused with machine injected carbon) they are not only unparalleled for impact resistance but also incredibly light, not to mention exquisitely designed and finished too.
Their quintessentially Latin shape, however, is a bit of a break from the big round American superbowl design of the 80s.
But if the fit suits you they are, as they say, a no-brainer.