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"It doesn't have to be the most expensive but it has to be the most authentic....." is our motto, and when you consider Gorgeous Bikes' direct BSB, WSB and prior Moto GP involvement as sponsors, benefactors and direct team personel, you know you have come to the shop who really know what they're talking about....

Set up out of the ashes of our magazine and race team experience, we have already crashed in almost every boot, suit, glove or helmet you might be considering crashing in too!?So Gorgeous Bikes specialises in the brands whose authenticity leaks from every pore, rivet and stitch. And in an age where even household names like Dainese and Arlen Ness hide behind a mantle of first world exclusivity while in reality being manufactured in the third world, it's reassuring to find products which still put passion and your protection before profit.

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Bell Helmets

Of all the full face helmet manufacturers it is Bell and not Arai and Shoei who can claim to be original and best.
Indeed there was a time in the late 70s/early 80s when no self respecting sports bike rider, tester, racer or even movie star would be seen in anything else and history is littered with classic images of the icons of the age such as Steve McQueen and Kenny Roberts wearng Bell helmets, both full and open face.
Unfortunately, like all products who refused to compromise quality in the face of a tide of cheap imitators, Bell went out of business in the late 80s, a place where they stayed for the best part of two decades until acquired by a historic Italian factory in the early 21st century. Fortunately, unlike most 'reborn brands' where it's the name and not the product that all the new money is subsequently invested in, Bell actually improved and bolstered quality during the following decade without forgetting the things that made them great in the first place and have further compounded their legendary reputation with a range of full-face helmets that have not only won critical acclaim from riders and journalists alike but are the only range in ITS ENTIRETY to be awarded the coveted 5 star Sharp test rating.

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Roof Helmets

GORGEOUS BIKES is the premier and longest serving ROOF helmet dealer in the UK and pioneered the BOXER flip up series from the original 1994 BOXER CLASSIC through to the 2002 BOXER V and more recently the iconic BOXER V8, introduced in spring of 2009. We have more experience with this helmet than any other UK dealer or internet site and can demystify any issues you may have concerning size differences between the various models, colour options, replacement parts and track day or European legal tinted or iridium visors. We carry all helmets in stock and there is no delay between order and despatch. Contrary to popular opinion ROOF have definitely not withdrawn from the UK market but have simply drastically reduced the number of UK agents to those who are brand experts and who can offer the kind of back up and repair service this iconic brand warrants. In fact ROOF is now operating from a brand new factory so that delivery delays (except for the very latest models) are now a thing of the past. Even if you have a missing vent from an R010 or a screw kit from the original Boxer we can help and we make regular bi-monthly trips to the factory so that more serious repairs or warranty issues can be dealt with direct. In fact, in our experience there is more chance of a speedy warranty resolution with a ROOF than there is with most of the established Japanese and Italian brands


The full Esquad range is in stock exclusively at Gorgeous Bikes featuring the E-strong (£275), E-stein (£250), E-polynium (£225) + the full ladies range in all colour options: black, stone black and raw blue.
Gorgeous Bikes is the only official Esquad stockist in the UK, and all our products are 100% guaranteed by the factory.

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